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New release

Hi guys,

libixp 0.4 is now available.

A brief summary of changes since 0.2:

Note that the test case is not currently in a usable state out of the box - it requires some server setup which I didn’t figure out.

For those of you who are wondering who this sqweek guy is releasing a package that he has never contributed to with his first post to a mailing list: I’ve fixed some wmii bugs recently and intend to make a new release, but wmii has depended on libixp newer than 0.2 for some time so a stable libixp is a prerequisite there. As such, I’m not too familiar with the libixp codebase and can only apologize for the poor quality of the changelog. I’m far less familiar with 9p than I’d like to be as well, but I’ll do what I can to address any issues you encounter with 0.4.