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diri is a wiki-like web application. It is a collection of several rc scripts consisting of roughly 215 lines of code.

Diri is in ‘maintenance’ mode, further development has moved to werc and its ‘DirDir’ wiki module that includes new features like comments, user accounts, per dir/file permissions, and others.



There is a repository to browse or to checkout diri’s source code:

hg clone


diri is based on following UNIX/Plan 9 tools:


The usage is very simple. Browse the contents through accessing the left menu. Create new pages through accessing:

Edit and remove pages using the control buttons in the upper menu.


Edit the {edit,show}.rc files and dirirc to fit your needs, and copy

contrib/ contrib/urldecode.awk contrib/template.awk

to the customized location. Make sure they are executable.

Note, DIRIDIR should not point to the directory where the diri scripts are located.

Afterwards perform following steps:

cp dirirc /etc cp *.rc /var/www/ mkdir /var/www/diri chown www-data /var/www/diri chmod 700 /var/www/diri

Make sure that .rc files are handled as CGI-executables in your webserver setup.

Then open the following URL in a browser:


It might be advantageous if you extend your webserver setup with symbolic rewrite URLs hiding the CGI scripts.

See also

Werc: a website building/document management system that shares some of the ideas (and even code) with diri, including a bloging system, automatic sitemap generation and seamless handling for virtual hosts.


Originally by Anselm R. Garbe(aka, ‘garbeam’ and ‘arg’), with many contributions and improvements by Kris Maglione. Some suggestions and very minnor improvements by uriel.