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Mestat - Stats for your App Engine Memcache


Mestat collects and displays statistics from the memcache in your Google App Engine application.


To install simply add to your application and app.yaml:

- url: /mestat
  login: admin

And add to your cron.yaml a task to gather stats as often as you would like:

- url: /mestat?update=1
  description: Memcache stats
  schedule: every 10 minutes

Then visit, login as admin, and you are done!

As an extra feature mestat has a button to allow you to flush your memcache, something that sadly is still missing from the App Engine control panel.

About the Code

Yes, it is a total hideous mess, but in my defense this is my first time using the Google Charts api, and one of my first bits of App Engine so everything is rather experimental.

I take advantage of Bas Wenneker’s JavaScript wrapper around the Google Charts API, but using this in such an awkward way is probably a bad idea, all my fault, of course.

Also note that I suspect there are some serious bugs lurking in the code, and the massaging of the data for display probably is messing things up.

Patches and fixes are welcome. (Or even feedback confirming it works at all!)


See my contact page or find uriel in the #appengine irc channel.

About the Name

Unconscious pun on ‘Mersault’, the hero of Albert Camus' L’Étranger.