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Ntrack: The Network Tracker protocol

Spec Version: 0.1.1

Ntrack is a simplification and generalization of the bittorrent HTTP tracker protocol.

The aim is to produce a more lean and streamlined protocol that removes bittorrent specific aspects and can be used for any number of peers to associate IP:PORTs to a given key (info_hash in the case of Bittorrent).

The main goals are:

Note: this effort almost completely unrelated to the new UDP bittorrent tracker protocol.


Changes from BT

Proposed backwards compatible Changes from the BT tracking protocol:

New ntrack REST-ful interface

A ntracker serves by convention in the path /ntrack, so only an ip or domain, and no full url is needed to refer to a given ntracker.

An HTTP GET request from IP and port 1234 to the URL:

Is equivalent to this request in the classic BT tracker protocol:

Open issues

They are marked with [XXX] in the text of this document.

Related protocols

One could think of ntrack as a centralized, dynamically updated, and extremely simplified DNS system.

Ntrack is compatible with [the HTTP 0.2 subset of HTTP](<

Possible uses